Nugali, A Wanderer, Imaginator, Storyteller and Creator of Hylth.


The world is a place of ideals as well as realities, and balancing these is the mission of my life. The urge to find the magical in the mundane, and asking the questions that peel away the most superficial layers of life to find the truths and wonders that lie beneath – this is what drives me every day. 

Since the earliest days of my academic journey, I have been interested in what precisely drives and heals the human body, but as I learned more, I also became interested in what stimulates and nurtures the heart and mind. Every day, we work and study to make our lives better, but so many people feel they are trapped in a life that does not benefit them, or a job that harms them. 

Work is inextricably entwined with life, but I don’t believe that this has to sap joy and opportunity for growth. In fact, every moment can be magical and invigorating; I have made it my mission to carry this ethos to as many people as possible. Hylth has been a dream nearly a decade in the making.

At the start of my career, I worked in many sectors, like many others. but what captivated me is working in customer service, Though stressful at times, I found that the satisfaction of ensuring that customers had a happy and fulfilling experience brought me joy too. While working in e-commerce and retail sectors, I came to understand how small experiences come together to create a better sense and reality of wellbeing. By managing the customer experience, I learned more about human nature and began to think about all the things that can impact the human experience. 

As I grew into my various roles, I was able to impact the wellbeing and happiness of others for the better. This was a freeing and joyful realization that set me on the path I walk today. 

Wellbeing is at the heart of everything I do, both in work and my personal life. As a lifelong student, I have studied history, art, and philosophy in my free time to seek answers to some of life’s most fundamental questions. However, it was working in customer service that brought this education into contact with the real world that we, as human beings, experience. 

Relieving stress and bringing joy to customers through my work opened my eyes to how the most mundane things can truly be wonderful if we open ourselves to the intricacies of these moments. With just a little consideration and exploration, the minutiae of daily life can be ecstatically beautiful. 

Common human traits and experiences are what connect us to each other, but they are far from ordinary. In the end, I learned one of the most important lessons in my life not from study, but from a person who is very dear to me. She taught me that the joy of serving other people is the same as the joy of being taken care of, and that when we all care for and serve each other, we can build bonds that are deeper and stronger than ever. This led to a shift in my perspective of the world and changed the way I view and conceptualize wellbeing in all senses: mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual.

The simplicity – and overwhelming complexity – of the natural world from the animals that inhabit it, to the food we eat, to the nature of love, to the depth of the human mind, and the fluid concept of our minds and souls – each of these things is a part of what makes us happy or unhappy. 

I believe that balance, seeking out and appreciating the smallest experiences, and immersing oneself in life is the key to growth and healing. I want to experience and assess it all, and that’s what drives Hylth as well as each one of its subsidiaries. By embodying the ideals of openness, curiosity, care, and spiritual accessibility, Hylth – and I – aim to bring joy and depth to everyday experiences for as many people as possible. 

Today, through Hylth and its subsidiaries, I can have a more direct connection with customers and help them to find their own ideal state of wellbeing that creates and enhances joy in everyday life. 

As I look to the future, I am eager to find people who share my desire to enrich the world and explore the limits of human potential. I still strive to learn – from the past and the people around me – and I believe that, through the exploration of our solitary experiences, we can change and shape the world around us in a positive, meaningful way. This is a journey I welcome and encourage everyone to take, and it is my most earnest hope that I can be of help to anyone who has chosen to do so.